Caeleagh Illyvanya

A lost sylvan soul, trying to live up to her mother's name.


Your mother was an hero to your people long before she banded with outsiders to challenge the rise of Kaul Wyrmson. With skill in both arcane magic and the elven longbow, she was an inspiration, a legend.

And, when the Kinsbane War cost her and her fellow Paragons their lives? A martyr. You fell into a violent, rebellious depression after her death and have lingered there for years. Out of respect for your mother’s memory, none of your people have punished you for the thefts, the fights, or the late night revels.

No, they just seem so terribly disappointed in you. Somehow, when you are alone and the drinking’s worn off? The sad looks they give you are worse than any jail could ever be.

One night, you received a letter from the other Children of the Paragons. A memorial service had been planned and you were invited. Needing to get away for a while, you left, hoping to get a little distance from the life you now hated.

If you’d only known how right you’d be…


Caeleagh Illyvanya

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