A composite being made up of six lost souls


You are life born from death, your existence beginning where your creators ended. Your first memory is of dying many times, echoes of the ends of heroes.

Of Paragons.

You are the psychic manifestation of will, of power, of the last thoughts and dreams of five great souls who gave everything to save a world you know nothing of. You are the sum of greater parts, one being made up of the best aspects of heroes, martyrs, and friends.

Since your ‘birth’ at the end of the Kinsbane War, you have been searching for a purpose, haunting the homelands of the heroes that comprise your mind without any memory of who they really were or why you find yourself drawn to their lives.

You tend to go where your instincts guide you. Thus, when you felt compelled to summon the children of the Paragons, your children and siblings in a sense, you did so without delay. They arrived, you felt complete again. It all felt so right.

How, then, could things have gone so horribly wrong?



Epitaph - Twilight of the Third Aeon Mherduwynn