Epitaph - Twilight of the Third Aeon

Episode One: Homecoming
Wherein the Progeny discover that their parents have left legacies both light and dark...

Though they gathered for the memorial service to the Paragons, none of the Progeny – the surviving children and inheritors of the world’s greatest heroes – remembered it well. All they knew upon waking that they were hurting, exhausted, and being attacked by a savage undead sorcerer ranting about they should have been disarmed and helpless.

They proved to be anything but, forcing the ghastly creature to flee after sorely wounding him with their deadly swords, the same blades their parents took from the lair of Kaul Wyrnson’s mother – the crimson dragon Velsharrath. Seemingly helpless against their blades, though Echo’s sword Anaethema never actually scored a blow, the undying field teleported away from them rather than be cut down.

Though the creature vowed he would bury them all alive, the Progeny escaped the black chamber and fled through tunnels and caverns until they found a way to open a magical portal that led to an shrine of pure elemental power. Again their legacy blades proved useful, empowering them to activate the shrine’s altar and transporting them out of the depths just before the earthquakes ripping through the vile complex brought it down on top of them.

The magic of the fourfold shrine brought them to the center of a large white stone arena with a vaulted ceiling supported by six stone pillars. Each pillar was carved in the shape of one of the Paragons. As the progeny stared up into the faces of their fallen parent, a massive set of doors opened on one side of the arena and through them came a large bronze bull, its nostrils trailing a sickly green mist and its chest emblazoned with Daelan’s family crest.

One by one more golems came and a violent melee ensued. Though the Progeny fought well, wits won out over weapons when Orran discovered that each Paragon statue had a slot for swords to be inserted. As soon as they all sheathed their blades in the pillars, the golems stopped attacking and became obedient.

Though they seemed trapped in the arena by an immense portcullis, the Progeny soon discovered that their golems could be commanded to shrink and, as statues, fit into alcoves beside it. The gate raised and they were able to collect their figurines again and leave.

Exploring further revealed the arena to be directly under a keep house seemingly in excellent shape but abandoned for years. After exploring, they found the way out and saw the construction for what it truly was – a large, fortified castle with six tall towers and a seventh connected to them all by majestic arching bridges. The six towers, like the golems, each bore a family symbol belonging to one of their parents.

They had come home to an undiscovered legacy, one they had never known. Paragon Hold.

Their elation at discovery was short-lived, however. Moments after realizing where they were, the Progeny came under attack from the night sky above. There, astride a huge skeletal dragon with sections of blackened red scales still clinging to its body, rode the undead magister from before. Screaming in murderous rage, the fiend drove towards them, his ancient wyrm unleashing a blast of corrupted dragon fire.

Though they should all have been blasted to ash, the flames barely scorched them. It was as if some powerful barrier stood between the Progeny and harm here in the shadow of their family home. Shielded and empowered, they found back against the vile threat that had now exposed himself for who and what he was – Kaul Wyrmson, broken and weakened but still possessed of a terrible thirst for revenge.

During the battle, the Progeny also learned that their draconic foe was none other than the animated bones of Velsharrath. Though they were unable to stop Kaul Wyrmson from fleeing once again, they managed to bring the vicious skeleton of the she-dragon down. As her bones detonated from the power of her animating magics failing, Kaul vanished without a trace.

They were also able to rob Kaul of a precious prize before he escaped. During the battle, Kaul revealed to the Progeny that Anaethema had originally been his blade and that he was still its master. Taking hold of it again, the shrivelled and broken husk of a man healed
himself completely with a massive pulse of power stored deep within the sword. Just before he teleported away, Daelan and Echo struck Anaethema from Kaul’s hand, keeping him from escaping with it.

Now the Progeny have their ancestral home to explore, a gift from parents long lost but dearly remembered. While they search its halls and walk in the shadows of their past, they must do so in the knowledge that somewhere out there, a newly-restored Kaul Wyrmson must surely be plotting his revenge…

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