Algath Westlewind

Born between two worlds, fighting to save them both.


You were raised in the Eldenwaath, a forest set aside in the heartlands of Galayn and watched over by the Elden – Elven patron-spirits of their half-human descendants. Your mother, a great warlord and one of the three Lieges of the Waath, once did battle with a terrible dragon-blooded wizard named Kaul for the fate of the world.

Though she won that battle, she and her other Paragon friends were slain in the final battle of a terrible conflict called the Kinsbane War. With her death, you were called upon by the Elden to serve your people as one of their chosen few priests.

You have risen to that challenge but the years since your mother’s death have been hard ones. Your people, born of both Aelves and Humans, have never been comfortable in either parent’s homeland. The Eldenwaath, the only place where they can be with their own kind, can be a hard and dangerous place. The burdens borne by a Priest of the Elden are many, the comforts regrettably few.

So, when a letter arrived promising a short vacation to do honour to the Paragons beside their other children? You leaped at the chance. It was a distraction, a dream come true.

Some dreams, sadly, end in nightmares…


Algath Westlewind

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