Daelan Trinnast

The child of a paladin, more comfortable with swords than salvation.


The son of Astivan Trinnast, the Exalt-Lord of Trinnivale, you have followed in your father’s footsteps as has been expected since your birth. When the Kinsbane War took him, the responsibility of his lands and title fell to your mother and you.

You have done the best you could for the people of your kingdom but while your father was a born leader, your greatest skill has always been in the clenched fist rather than the open hand.

It is not your fault that you a child of war, that you were raised in the shadow of a Paladin-Knight so famous that your whole life has been spent trying to prove your worth and find your own way. Steel came easily to you. Faith… not so much.

When an invitation to gather with the other children of the Paragons, you leapt at the chance to escape the Queen’s maternal shelter and your all-too-heavy crown for a while.

If you had known how that gathering would end up, you might have stayed home with your mother instead…


Daelan Trinnast

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