A survivor of the wild places.


When your father proved his courage and worth against the terrible threat of Kaul Wyrmson, it ushered in a new era of acceptance for his people – the orcish tribes of the Gloaming Fens. For a brief time, orcs were hailed as allies and friends of the Land.

But the passions in orcish blood run deep and all too soon that fragile peace was shattered by burning rage and bitter betrayal. In the first battle of this new conflict, the Kinsbane War, you lost your human mother. At the end of the war, your father and his friends, the Paragons, sacrificed themselves to end the bloodshed and save the world… again.

With the orcish tribes scattered again and no human home, you have wandered alone with only the last surviving cub of your father’s she-wolf at your side. A solitary survivor at heart, you were still glad to receive word of an upcoming ceremony to honour the fallen Paragons – your father among them.

If you could have forseen what would come of that gathering, you would have stayed far, far away…



Epitaph - Twilight of the Third Aeon Mherduwynn