Created by a dying god, a new life at the end of all things.


Yours is a new race upon the Land, emerging when your ‘mother’, for lack of a better term, tried to sacrificed her own life to destroy the Ebon Cauldron and stop Kaul Wyrmson from destroying the world with stolen divine radiance and dragon’s fire.

Born in that instant as Light and Fire made flesh, you have lived with your Paragon creator and your exalted kind for years, learning what it means to be Incarna. You have learned to weild the magic inside yourself, discovering a immense inner flame you have only just begun to understand.

Like all the Incarna, you felt your creator die along with the rest of the Paragon, the other heroes who defeated Kaul. Sacrificing herself again, your mother and her friends perished in the final battle of the Kinsbane War, a terrible and foolish conflict that engulfed the four Great Races and nearly annihilated them all.

Lost to grief, even your great fire might have been extinguished had you not found some solace in the news that the children of the other Paragons were gathering for a memorial in their honour.

The Incarna chose you to go as your race’s emissary to pay respect to your Maker. You felt elated, hoping this would be the peace and solace your dwindling soul so desperately needed.

You could not have been more wrong…



Epitaph - Twilight of the Third Aeon Mherduwynn